La Escuela, sus Hijos y Usted Workshop

La Escuela, sus Hijos y Usted Workshop

Through the nine-week, culture-sensitive workshops conducted in Spanish, parents learn how to navigate the educational system, and how to take an active role in their child’s education. Plus, we’ll show them ways to collaborate with the school, staff, and community to learn the educational opportunities available to them.

Target Grades and Cohort

K- 5th grade: Understanding Report Cards, Importance of Extra-Curricular Activities, Education Policies, Education Laws, Rights and Responsibilities, IDEA.

6th – 8th grade: Importance of Extra-Curricular Activities, Summer Programs, Education Policies, Attendance, School Choice, Standardized Testing, University Admissions

9th – 12th grade: Understanding GPA, Dual Enrollment, Extra-Curricular Activities, Accelerated Programs, Standardized Testing, University Path, Scholarships, FAFSA

Description of Program

Description of Program

The purpose of the program is for Latino parents to learn how to become advocates within their children’s educational process. The series of nine workshops will be completely in Spanish.

Each session will be two-three hours and held once a week.  Each series will be offered at a location suitable for class, and the nine weeks will include an introduction session, principal dialogue, and a graduation.  Each workshop series can accommodate a maximum of 20 parents.  Parents need to attend each one of the workshops to graduate.  The offerings will be arranged in collaboration with school, the school administrator and/or community liaison.

The workshops will take place in a classroom or library, offering snacks and beverages, and possibly child-care for young children. Each session will be a combination of lecture and discussion to facilitate engagement and learning.

The topics of each workshop will include, but not be limited to, (a) Understanding School Grades, (b) Parents Rights and Responsibilities, (c) School Attendance, (d) Extracurricular Activities, (e) Standardized Tests, (f) Parent-Teacher conference, (g) Bullying, (h) and Special Education and its laws.

To evaluate the effectiveness and learning, parents will complete a pre/post self-efficacy assessment about their confidence to advocate for their children at their school. Each session will use a Likert-type scale feedback form to assess parents’ perception of the content and their anticipation of ways they will use the knowledge or skills covered.

Benefits of the Program

Benefits of the Program

At the end of the workshops, parents will become more actively involved in the education of their children through:

Increase Parent Collaboration with School
Parents are Equipped with Tools and Knowledge
Parents Become the Best Advocates for their Children

ASome of the immediate benefits the workshops will provide to Latino parents are:

Lowering sociocultural barriers
Building trust within parent community
Building trust within parent community getting access to channels of information
Lowering parental stress
Empowering parents to be agents of change in their own lives, their children’s lives and in the larger school community.

Sponsor Organization Responsibilities

-Provide an Area for Workshops

– Provide Refreshments

-Offer Childcare for Parents with Young Children during the Sessions

LEAF offers its programs and services in different geographic areas of the country, including Los Angeles, CA; Puerto Rico; San Luis, AZ, and Maryland.

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